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Questions to ask when looking for a therapist ?

what questions to ask when looking for a therapist

Talking therapies is the way forward these days. Learning about ourselves and developing self-awareness is key to personal growth and maturity. How can you  bring about change to yourself/situation if you are unable to identify how to fix it! Therapy is fast becoming the norm, as a society we have become more and more dependant on the GP, placing high expectations on fixingRead More …


I’m living under stress? I want it to go away ? NOW!!!

We are all infallible human beings, all susceptible to stress, research suggests that one in four of us will experience anxiety as a result of built up tensions at some time in our lives. The effects of stress results in: Irritability – low tolerance of ourselves and especially around others ? Restlessness resulting in poor quality of sleep? Making bad food choices, and feeling it… Negative thoughts, self-talk  remunerating –Read More …

Holly Oaks star Stephanie Davies thinks so

Benefits of Counselling?

Talking Therapies are for anyone ? There are many reasons for seeing a therapist. You may be feeling low or upset, confused about your feelings, having conflicting thoughts! Experiencing relationship difficulties! Family issues, Frustration, Feeling in a rut and not knowing where to turn? You may have a sudden life crisis such as bereavement, Relationship break-up or considering it! LossRead More …

Can your past affect your future?

“Can your past affect your future” is a question we often ask ourselves.   There are many ways to look at this….

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy..."