January, 2018

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Its January, New year New You ?

Hey lovely people, greetings with a huge welcome and a very Happy New Year to you all ☺.
Christmas feels so last year, don’t you think? A time of new aspirations and asking ourselves what our new year has in store ? The reality is, it’s just another day. It’s a continuum of day’s merging into nights, as the cycle of season’s naturally unfolds, in which we have no control.

New Year’s resolution, yep, a topic on most people’s lips as we enter a fresh new January! Some of us have tried the “resolution thing” in passed years and decided against participating, whilst others become resolute in bringing changes to whatever they see fit.

So, good old January brings our gyms full to capicity, more people are out running and the diets clubs once again are bursting at he seams. Januarys enthusiasm fills us with the very best of intentions (you can see where I’m going with this), from giving up smoking to introducing a vape. “2018 is gonna be my year” some of us say. Social media, TV, advertisements all inviting us to participate in various campaigns such as dry January (alcohol free) the list becomess endless.

Christmas takes up the whole month of December, where we are encouraged to eat, drink and be merry. So a new year brings a freshness to inspire us about new beginnings, so let’s  say goodbye to those unwanted habit’s or maybe addiction. Sadly, statistical evidence suggests that within 6 weeks, 80% fail to (if not already) give up their new regime. It’s all over, due to feeling deprived about the very thing they wanted to stop, but couldn’t. Aren’t we complex beings I hear you say, its all part of the human condition. We’re pleasure seekers by nature.

PLEASE NOTE – Change is extremely difficult,  its like bending metal with our bare hands. The thought of a new you is now diminishing, the reality is were back in our comfort zone.

So, how can I bring about change you may ask – Well exploring yourself is a good start, alongside talking therapies. Willpower alone is not enough? You see we don’t just wake up one morning and say “I’m gonna make changes in my life”. No, sadly that’s all too simple. We only bring about change when we face difficulties that we can no longer tolerate. We play psychological games with ourselves.
We are the biggest game players in our heads. The game (behaviour) stops once the players no longer wishes to participate and becomes honest with ourself.

If you wish to bring about change that will no doubt benefit you in the long run, then call me for your FREE face-to-face (half hour) consultation 07907654507 and together we can start implementing those much wanted changes for a New You In the New year.