March, 2018

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Reality OR Illusion!



Whilst at home this week due to adverse weather conditions (snowing), I’m watching out of my window as I write. Being off, provided me with an opportunity to sample some daytime TV. As I tuned in, I witnessed four female presenters criticising “The Kardashian’s”. A large photograph appeared on the screen showing female members of this very famous family with weight tags attached to them! The presenters’ were outraged, and rightly so, as they pointed out the psychological influence these unnecessary messages can have on people’s self-worth not forgetting our very impressionable young.
We believe and listen to our internal voice, full of self-criticism about our appearance and weight to name just a couple. We absolutely believe …“If I think it, then it must be true” whilst that harsh wagging finger of disapproval screams “I’m not good-enough” these crushing beliefs emerge up inside us like “Poseidon” (the Greek God of the sea) with those powerful and encompassing judgements, therefore allowing yet again the thrashing far greater than we would tolerate from others.


So let’s just look at the actual reality here. A very wealthy US reality show, hyped up by the media to entertain us lesser mortals. The fantasy is about “living the dream” of the celebrity lifestyle? So, it’s not for the majority of us. We believe our lives are bland in comparison. The reality is we do the best we can with what we have, hopefully finding inspiration along the way to fulfil our hopes and dreams.
Back to the programme, guest speaker Catrin Pugh talked about her horrendous bus accident abroad, whilst on a gap year. Sadly the driver died and Catrin sustained 96% burns, resulting in facial and body disfigurement. I found her inspirational and highly motivated as she revealed how she changed her life, after what could only be describes as a harrowing ordeal. Catrin states … “Every time I give a talk I feel good about myself” self-acceptance is the key, sheer determination to survive and live a contented life is about turning the negatives into positives.

The presenter continued by asking… “Do we know, or even need to know, the weight of Florence Nightingale”? A pioneer to the nursing profession”. Other renowned names were also mentioned, giving their inspirational ideas and leadership qualities in which this had nothing to do with their weight, size or looks. So, as for the Kardashian’s, is the illusion really our reality? Just because it’s presented, doesn’t mean its fact. The reality is “its entertainment” it sells airtime!
So my message is don’t let the illusion trick you into believing its reality, when in reality it isn’t. Just like our untruthful inner voice it can deceive us!