Questions to ask when looking for a therapist ?

what questions to ask when looking for a therapist

Talking therapies is the way forward these days. Learning about ourselves and developing self-awareness is key to personal growth and maturity. How can you  bring about change to yourself/situation if you are unable to identify how to fix it! Therapy is fast becoming the norm, as a society we have become more and more dependant on the GP, placing high expectations on fixing us? In fact, we can fix our selves with some support and guidance. Still contemplating counselling, psychotherapy or coaching? the title is actually irrelevant and all amount’s to the same thing really, a therapist helps you to work on yourself and analyse a situation or repetitive behaviours that keep you stuck and feel unable to move forward – personal growth – Just repeating the same stuff and expecting a different result?… do you feel like you’re going round in circles? are you dizzy yet!

Trying to find the right therapist to help you overcome your predicament can be a nightmare, and can have disastrous consequences if you don’t carry out some precautionary checks first. There are people working in this field who have no qualifications or training. Let me give you some guidance in making an informed choice, I have put together 5 questions to ask any therapist before you consider parting with your cash, which is hard to earn and very easy to spend.

1.   Which therapy are you qualified in and where did you study?
You would be amazed how many “therapists” have no qualifications, or have completed a weekend course somewhere.  Worse still, they may have set themselves up because they are a past sufferer and now feel that they can help others. Ensure that they are fully trained and part of a recognised society. A fully qualified therapist can evidence their qualifications and show you.

.2.   Have you taken out insurance for public liability?
Every therapist should have insurance to protect him/herself, and also to protect the client. Although rare, things can go wrong in therapy and it is important that all parties are fully protected.

3. How often do I need to come and how much do you charge?
Always discuss terms and conditions with your therapist around the procedure when and how to booked appointments, time constraints if early or late for your session, cancellations policy and fees all relevant so both parties are fully aware as misunderstandings may cause upsets.

4.   If I hire you, can you confirm that you will personally carry out this support?
Many therapists offer support but, when you ring them, you get a nameless face on the other end of the line. It is important that you are receiving personal support from the therapist and not the receptionist. This person may not be qualified at the same level as your therapist.

5. How will I know you are the right therapist for me ?
When hiring a therapist, it is important that the therapist and the client has a good working relationship, and there is mutual trust. If you feel doubts that the therapist is not for you go somewhere else, if you feel okay and wish to go ahead try six – eight sessions and review together and discuss how its going and what you want!

So, there you are!   Do not be embarrassed to ask these questions, and any more you can think off.  Any competent therapist will be glad that you are making the effort to choose the best therapist for your problem.  If the therapist is unable to answer your questions fully, it might be worth looking elsewhere.



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