Counselling Services

Counselling Services in Folkestone offers an eclectic mix of various methodologies. As an Integrative therapist I believe different models cater for the individuals needs and invites variety.

Talking therapies is where you can put aside some time just for you! where you can be yourself, be listened to, in a warm and friendly environment. Its confidential and free from judgements! An environment where you are encouraged to explore ways to move forward and address those difficulties once and for all.

Psychotherapy Offers an in-depth exploration around your core beliefs, thoughts, whilst recollecting past experiences that have moulded you into who and how you function today. Its looking at those patterns of behaviour’s which impact on how you cope and deal with life on a day-to-day basis.

Coaching – Where we can identify and set goals to get you to where you wish to go in life. It’s about planning for your future- Aims and Goals – what’s best for you help you move forward.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Offers an opportunity to focus on the here and now. Exploring your thoughts and how they impact on your behaviour / actions. Working together to modify your thoughts and bring about change – So you can respond in a healthier way and improve your life.

Gestalt Therapy – Focuses on the whole (The Self) intuition, gaining insight, knowing yourself and reading others. A good pointer towards self-development
Helping you to find out who you are?

Psychodynamic therapy –  to resolve issues by exploring the past to gain a better understanding of how the past has influenced the present day?  Provides understanding and promotes the healing process from the past whilst dealing with present issues!

Hypnosis is the deepest form of relaxation you can experience. It’s tapping into your subconscious mind and ridding yourself from the old and well-established self-defeating behaviours. Imagine giving that best-man’s speech, imaging yourself “Public Speaking” in front of an audience with absolute confidence!, wouldn’t that be something or finally Quit smoking – hypnosis offers a vast range of treatments for many many issues.

Mindfulness – helping you to live in the moment. To appreciate and understand what is happening now. In this busy world it can be difficult to relax with technology and everyone rushing from A to B even the commute to work?

Holistic – finding a balance, treating the person as a whole so we can work out what is the cause and effect ? Working out what’s actually behind those symptom’s  and help you find the right treatment that works specifically for you.


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