Folkestone Therapist Maggie Haines Discusses Self Compassion.

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Folkestone therapist Maggie Haines would like you to take a minute and consider this statement… How much do I love me?”

Do I offer myself a strong self-compassionate set of skills? The majority of us do not and were not shown how to be Benevolent towards ourselves.

What is self-Compassion I hear you ask?

Well its actually something were great at offering and giving to “others” all the time! BUT what about the self, the one person who matters to ourselves? Yes you.  Next time you make a mistake? Or look in the mirror, listen to your internal words that you tell yourself over and over again? Words are power and harsh words are incredibly damaging against your inner-self and impacts heavily on your self-esteem? So ask your self am I my worst critic? Think about this, if somebody spoke to you as harshly as you speak to you how would you feel or react?

I should imagine you would drop them from your life!!! So why continue to disrespect and hurt yourself over and over again?

How can I stop doing this to myself you may well ask?

Well its all about good positive self-talk and learning how to talk to yourself  AND how to love yourself (as you love others). Talking therapies does just that it helps you build your self-esteem and learn how to be self-compassionate so you can feel better whilst changing your relationship with yourself.

What will these changes meant for you?

They will mean empowerment, self respect with love and kindness which is what you deserve… isn’t it?

So if  you are engaging in damaging internal dialogue and would like to change it around to adopt some self-love, then please give me a call on 07907 654 507 you have absolutely nothing to lose or fear BUT plenty to gain. I can arrange a free half hour consultation where we can  discuss how you can build on developing your self-worth, love you as you become more aware of your own importance. Positive daily affirmation… “I am the most important person in your life”.




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