My top 10 tips to ensure you take some good self-care.

I share this message with all my clients…

We are ALL fallible human beings, were just visiting this planet for a very short space of time. So, whilst here recognise and embrace your own uniqueness, accept yourself for who you are. Love YOU, because you are important.

Top 10 tips on good self-care.
1) Stop competing, be kind to yourself by doing positive things (you like).
2) Set yourself a challenge and stick to it (keep it simple if need be).
3) Be in the moment… the here and now… observe what you’re doing.
4) Focus on the positive aspects of your life.
5) Change that negative self-talk into a positive self-talk.
6) Respect and listen to how you talk to yourself and others.
7) Have fun, bring the WOW factor into your days, and add some colour.
8) Get some support. Learn how to break the cycle.
9) Get with nature – look at what’s around you
10) Enjoy the seasons and embrace your day.

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