Spring Clean

Spring time feels good, bringing us new energy and motivation which puts the spring back into our step. Feeling motivated to clean our home, as we open the windows to allow the fresh air in. The birds singing becomes noticeable and the warmth of the sunshine is a welcome touch on our skin as an up lifting tonic (which it is). Nature feels alive again as we prepare for summertime. Extended daylight hours all signify summer is just around the corner.
Spring cleaning your home is regarded as essential, so not why spring clean of your mind, clearing away stress and troubled thoughts that are keeping you out of sync?
Here are just a few indicators you may be suffering from stress related conditions.
Feeling intolerant of others, “Its everyone else”.
Noise affects me, I’m struggling to switch off?
I’m feeling moody, overwhelmed, agitated, and frustrated.
I can’t concentrate.
I can’t remember things.
I haven’t got an opinion, I’m not sure?
I fly off the handle easily.
My energy levels are low.
Sleep issues – I can get to sleep, BUT I can’t stay asleep. (Poor sleep patterns)
I struggle to switch off
I overthink.
My appetite is poor OR I can’t stop eating.
I don’t want to spend time with others (Family, Friends)
These are just a few reasons to spring clean your mind. How can I do this I hear you say?
If you are suffering from any of the above then yes it’s time for a well-deserved spring clean. Stress in moderation is good as it serves as a motivator, however, continual stress effects our brain and can take us down deeper and deeper into a tunnel of negativity (which has no benefit to the human being) and the continual levels of stress keeps cortisol levels high which in turn is toxic.
Ask yourself – Am I a human doer or a being? The doer is doing and does not allow any time to just be. Noticing and naming those irrational thoughts can help you change the way you feel.
Are you stressed out under workload pressure, work related stress with colleagues or boss.
Have you a family dilemma where you feel isolated within yourself and believe there is no solution, are you taking on more that you need resulting in a stressed out person.
Mind, body and soul is our three dimensional connection. If one is out of sync, this will place the whole-being out of balance. Maybe you could do with some talking therapies to help you restore that balance and feel in control.
I offer FREE half hour face to face initial consultation, just call 07907654507 to discuss how your balance can be restored.

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