The 12 Tips of Christmas.


Well were here – It’s the beginning of December – Halloween has literally turned its back and the Christmas hype is upon us.

So far I’ve managed to avoid the pre-contemplating Christmas planning, as it seems to start earlier each year! But, it’s now the beginning of December and our attention is picking up pace as we become fully focused as the 25th day of December draws ever closer.

 The season’s theme of Christmas is well and truly threaded through every advert, jingle, music, films, food, alcohol, ideal gift! Its everywhere we turn, feels like there’s no escape.

So by the time Christmas Eve arrives the majority of us are exhausted.

For me to enjoy this time of year I regard the month of December as ‘Our Winter Festival’

Keeps the season exciting, fresh and magical, whilst minimising that inner pressure.

For some Christmas is just the most wonderful time of year, others find it’s more of an endurance trip ending in fatigue! Or that dreaded financial drain!

Whilst were busy with our activities and whom we are sharing these times with there are those amongst us who experience loneliness and isolation during Christmas which feels cruel during those cold months of winter.

Christmas holiday can bring about a whole blend of emotions from family obligations to isolation. Hopelessness, anxiety, depression and can strike from all walks of life. The past can haunt, the loss of loved one who’s no longer with us, Childhood Stuff can immerge that we would rather forget.

 It’s the season to be jolly so here’s my Top 12 survival tips for Christmas time.

1)  RELAX with a Smile (that comes from within) – nice soft breaths.

 2)  Don’t ignore your needs or feelings – Do what feels right for you – cry or let off steam!

 3)  Say Thank you, 2 little words means so so much.

 4)  Give and Accept compliment’s (feels wonderful).

5)  Laugh – find the WOW in the NOW – The Fun, look for humour

6)  Slow down – Make one list and stick to it, logically work through it.

 7)  Pamper time is vital – Long bubble bath with some candles – Create your own space.

 8)  Read something (My Blog) listen to Music, Ring a Friend and share something. 

9)  Dress as well as you can to feel good within, some good self-care.

10) Be Kind to you. Be Positive, Look on the bright side.

11) Minimise your expectations around others behaviours, harmony, family feuds, (it is only one day) put things in perspective.

12) ENJOY Yourself.

Happy Christmas to you and yours may it be filled with fun, laughter and happiness

Looking forward to seeing you early January 2018 for my New Year’s blog xxx



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